Monday, July 22, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!!

Started this week off with a 6 mile run!! It was great!! Great weather and just felt great!!

But then... I followed up by eating myself a whole pizza! Granted it was a mini pizza but I ate the whole pizza!! Must get a handle on this MAJOR issue!! Lol

And finally followed up by a warm bath with some Epsom Salt!!

I did leave out my lunch workout today! I did 200 squats!! Kudos!! ;) Yea lets hope I don't wait another decade to do those again! My legs felt like pure jello!! Then I decided to do 3 sets of lunges. (Set of 15 on each side) I also did some abs and arms but didn't focus on those too much today! Going to try to get more of that in possibly tomorrow if my body will actually move! We shall see!! 

So maybe my legs didn't feel all that great this evening being that they are already sore from lunch but I pushed through and got it done!!!

Good night!!

Did my squats using this contraption! 10 lb weight on each end.

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