Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If the heat doesn't kill you...

It will only make you stronger!!! Right?!??!  I sure felt like dying out there! The race was on to make it back to my hood before the sunset! I succeeded! 👍 It is so beautiful watching the sunset as I run! If I could only carry my passion for pictures along with my passion for running! I would never complete a run though! I came across some huge... no massive mushrooms and I thought to myself... I need a picture! Lol Yes I would definitely have some of the longest runs ever! I was offered another water by my new Cajun buddy... He reminds me every time I see him that I will bring my pepper spray next time! Yet again today I forgot! All in all it was a good run! Still pretty slow from what I have done in the past but I need to get in some speedwork! Definitely need to plan for that! Maybe a visit to the gym tomorrow for 3 miles of speedwork and some weights! It's a plan!!
I recovered tonight with a glass of chocolate milk and a bath... Usually do the heavy protein like eggs or chicken but I am low on groceries at the moment so it's this or nothing... Not to mention I am too tired to cook!


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