Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Ever have a day where you know you should be out running but your body isn't feeling it. I mean I have been running long enough to know that most times you feel better after you run but there are those days when your body is telling you NO... I used to do it anyway but after my two stress fractures and having to be out of running for weeks both times I have learned to listen to my body and when I am really drained or hurting I take my break even if it isn't on my schedule. There is always tomorrow! Better to be able to run tomorrow than to run today just to hurt myself or run myself down where I get sick and can't run for awhile! And let me tell you I have ran sick and it isn't pretty! Get your rest and be strong! We have tomorrow! Just don't use that excuse everyday and say oh... well we have next week!! lol

I took my day yesterday so today its time to get back to it!!

Not to mention my body is still aching from my weight training!! Probably not best at all to not do that for weeks or you will hurt for days like I am right now!! OUCH!!

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