Monday, July 29, 2013

Family Time! :)

This weekend was perfect other than I didn't get a lot of running in but I got to spend 4 days with my little guy! We had a great time and he ran his first 5K!! It was a Glow Run. A perfect 1st race for him. Maybe next time I will get him in the competitive environment. I think he is going to love running as much as me. At least I hope so! ;)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Ever have a day where you know you should be out running but your body isn't feeling it. I mean I have been running long enough to know that most times you feel better after you run but there are those days when your body is telling you NO... I used to do it anyway but after my two stress fractures and having to be out of running for weeks both times I have learned to listen to my body and when I am really drained or hurting I take my break even if it isn't on my schedule. There is always tomorrow! Better to be able to run tomorrow than to run today just to hurt myself or run myself down where I get sick and can't run for awhile! And let me tell you I have ran sick and it isn't pretty! Get your rest and be strong! We have tomorrow! Just don't use that excuse everyday and say oh... well we have next week!! lol

I took my day yesterday so today its time to get back to it!!

Not to mention my body is still aching from my weight training!! Probably not best at all to not do that for weeks or you will hurt for days like I am right now!! OUCH!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!!

Started this week off with a 6 mile run!! It was great!! Great weather and just felt great!!

But then... I followed up by eating myself a whole pizza! Granted it was a mini pizza but I ate the whole pizza!! Must get a handle on this MAJOR issue!! Lol

And finally followed up by a warm bath with some Epsom Salt!!

I did leave out my lunch workout today! I did 200 squats!! Kudos!! ;) Yea lets hope I don't wait another decade to do those again! My legs felt like pure jello!! Then I decided to do 3 sets of lunges. (Set of 15 on each side) I also did some abs and arms but didn't focus on those too much today! Going to try to get more of that in possibly tomorrow if my body will actually move! We shall see!! 

So maybe my legs didn't feel all that great this evening being that they are already sore from lunch but I pushed through and got it done!!!

Good night!!

Did my squats using this contraption! 10 lb weight on each end.

Last Week in Review...

I didn't get in my 22 miles for the week! :( Only 17 miles. I am not going to fret over it though. Even if you don't meet your goal for the week you can't let it get you down. Its a new week and this week we can do it!!

I am taking some vacation this week so I need to make sure I still get my running in around my time off with my little guy!

A little motivation from one of my favorite runners!!! :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

The day after REST!

Yesterday was my rest day! Now I have to get back going! I didn't get up and run this morning so it looks like it going to be a hot evening run for me today!! I have run planned early tomorrow with my friend Ashley!
I am not sure how much we will run so I may not run too much tonight and that way I will have Sunday to meet my goal for the week. My goal this week is to beat 22 miles! :) Only 9 more miles to go just to beat that! I CAN DO THIS!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Motivation for the Day!!

Running this week! Update

So far this week I have ran the following:

Monday: 5.39 miles
Tuesday: 5.33 miles
Wednesday: 3.1 miles

Last night I did speedwork on the treadmill!!

6x400 @ 8.1 speed I am thinking this is around 7.24 pace
6x400 @ 7.3 speed I am thinking this is around 8.12 pace my tenth a mile that I had to add on to get my 3.1!

I killed it!!


The plan...

I am planning my next half... Not sure which one yet but I am working on that. I am thinking of doing something new. I need different!

So check this out...

Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon 02.13.11

Finish Time

Frostbite Half Marathon 01.21.12
Finish Time

Frostbite Half Marathon 01.26.13
Finish Time

Tuscaloosa Half Marathon 03.02.13
Finish Time

Do you notice the trend?

Want to know my  plan?? Well obviously its to break the trend!! And how am I going to do this??

Hard work!!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If the heat doesn't kill you...

It will only make you stronger!!! Right?!??!  I sure felt like dying out there! The race was on to make it back to my hood before the sunset! I succeeded! 👍 It is so beautiful watching the sunset as I run! If I could only carry my passion for pictures along with my passion for running! I would never complete a run though! I came across some huge... no massive mushrooms and I thought to myself... I need a picture! Lol Yes I would definitely have some of the longest runs ever! I was offered another water by my new Cajun buddy... He reminds me every time I see him that I will bring my pepper spray next time! Yet again today I forgot! All in all it was a good run! Still pretty slow from what I have done in the past but I need to get in some speedwork! Definitely need to plan for that! Maybe a visit to the gym tomorrow for 3 miles of speedwork and some weights! It's a plan!!
I recovered tonight with a glass of chocolate milk and a bath... Usually do the heavy protein like eggs or chicken but I am low on groceries at the moment so it's this or nothing... Not to mention I am too tired to cook!


Building Up!!

My run yesterday! Very slow but a nice a.m. run! I haven't had one of those in a while! It felt great! This morning I decided to sleep in so now I am going to have to tread out in this evening heat but I am determined to get back to at least 30 miles a week soon!! So as far as right now this is my mileage for the week!!

My Intro! :)

Hello, I am Katy!
I decided to create this blog as not only an outlet for my passion but so that I can motivate others and also be motivated by my fellow lovers of running!! I have only been running distance since probably 2009. I ran track in high school but only short distances and I was no shining star but I still love it. Running has been such a companion to me. It has helped me through so many hard times!! I have ran several 5K, 10K, and half's! My goal is to run a full marathon before I am 40! :)
I am a single mother of an 11 year old boy! I struggle with time to run but I make the most of what I can. Its all about being positive. I can do it!! :)