Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Changes need to be made!!

I ran 3.1 this morning. 24:39 - Not too bad for not running since Saturday! BTW Saturday was 5 miles and it was my worst run ever!! I am not going to comment why besides it was just pure irresponsibility!! I deserved to feel that way in the hot summer day! Just glad I didn't die of heat stroke or dehydration. Not very smart at all.

We all fall off the wagon we just can't give up! We have to get back on and go again! There is one thing that I know. I may have my bad days but I have never quit running! I can take a 6 week break for a stress fracture but the day I am released I am back out there pushing to get back where I could be today!

Running is just part of who I am. It isn't just my hobby! :)

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